Hi, I'm Yan-David

Friends call me Yanda. You can too.

What I'm up to

I'm the COO at Weights & Biases, the developer-first MLOps Platform.
I'm an active angel investor, including in Thumbtack and MasterClass.

What I've done

I was a General Partner at Coatue where I helped start and ran the enterprise investing practice for the Venture fund (Seed through Series B). I led Coatue's investments in Weights & Biases, Impira, Infinitus, Fin, Bonjour, Abacus, and Covariant.
I founded four venture-backed B2B companies, including ChoiceVendor (acquired by LinkedIn) and Parsable.
I helped start MuckerLab, LA's premier venture accelerator.
I started my career at Google and Microsoft.
I studied Computer Science and still write code on nights & weekends.

Where to find me

The best way is to follow me on Twitter.
I occasionally blog on Medium.
You can find me on LinkedIn as well.
If we work together, I recommend reading my Personal User Manual

Tools for founders

I love building and helping founders. The combo has yielded the below tools:
A cap table simulator.
A blogpost with an associated spreadsheet on how to help employees think through the value of their equity.
Every conversation is a negotiation. I highly recommend reading this book and made a cheat-sheet you can carry into your negotiations.